Gate Motor Installation and repairs in pretoria

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ARE YOU IN THE PRETORIA AREAS and need gate motor assistance. Then you have come to the right page.

We provide services such as gate motor installation, gate motor repairs, gate motor problems, we are the people to contact. We are the number one for Gate Motor Installs in South Africa.

Should you have your own gate motor, that not a problem, our well trained technicians are here 7 days a week to assist in installing and maintenance of your gate motor.



Home Alarm systems can be complicated and expensive, so it’s crucial to determine your security needs before you begin consulting with alarm companies. Before you think about what alarm system you need, you need to determine many windows and doors you want to be ‘switched,’ or integrated into the home security system. Determine possible locations for the control panel and keypads. I would suggest that you have a keypad right behind to the front door, as well as all your bedrooms. The control panel commands the system, and the keypads allow you to program the system and turn it, or its components, on and off. This has to be a 24 hour monitored alarm system, for times when there is no one at home. Should you decide on a less expensive component, I would suggest the basic sensor alarm system with a dialer accessory that connects the system to your phone lines and dials preselected numbers if the house’s security is breached? Always make sure, should you go with the wireless alarm system, make sure your system performs up to the distance of the farthest zone. Be in mind that your alarm system can perform for fire protection sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and combustible-gas detectors, anti-freeze-up low-temperature switches (especially in cold climates) and water detectors. Make sure that panic buttons are or can be included. During most break ins, intruders will decide not to attempt to break through windows as this causes a huge noise, therefore there can be less damage to your windows and if they do decide to, break the window, and then flee in response to an alarm being triggered.


When it comes to choosing your alarm system, visit our website for a


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