Commercial Access Control Gates


Commercial Access Control Gates

Commercial access control gates are more popular than ever. Safety and security is very important when it comes to protecting your business premises. A good gate can be an excellent deterrent for would be intruders. There are many factors that go into choosing a gate for your property. This is very important investment and for the safety of your business workers and patron. Commercial gates also assist in having order when it comes to controlling who goes in and out. Another way of having accessible commercial control is installing a logistic solution. At Autogate Commercial Gates, we install access control systems in a manner consistent with you situation unique demands. You can also create a custom gate and entry system to meet your needs and convenient to you. There is a wide range of commercial access control gates i.e. the sliding gate, the swing gate, vertical pivot gate and Autogate Automatic parking barrier. The next thing you need to consider is the motor for the automation of the opening and closing of the gate! All the other parts that keep your gate working need to be strong and able to handle the constant opening and closing of your gate. If you have a sliding gate, you need strong sliding wheels which will handle the constant opening and closing! With regards to the motor, you also need to purchase a strong, hardy one, as it will have to take the strain and weight of the gate. The better the motor, the longer it will last. You should always look into getting a gate motor that has the ability to be operated manually if there is a power failure. Some people like to get motors that sent off a reasonable alarm sound if the gate is left open

With commercial gates it is very important you control your access control system with security personal physically operating access control or over as CCTV system.

The prices for business access control are very costly depending on what devices you would like to install or add on. Autogate is offering special rates for all COMMERCIAL ACCESS CONTROL GATES.

Our experienced and knowledgeable fencing experts can help you to identify the best option for your needs at a price that suits your budget. Visit our web page for more info

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