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From the desk of the director…


A swimming pool comes with a system called the filtration system. This system keeps the water free of bacteria and algae. This is where the pump is now important, because the pump keeps your pool clean and when you put your pool on, the pump is self priming. There a lot of different pool pumps on the market . There is also different types of horse powers depending on your pool size and type. Another important factor to consider is amount of water pulling through the system each hour. One of the best and easiest ways of buying the most appropriate pool pumps is by ascertaining that they have the capacity to save energy and that they incorporate the latest technology. Some of the most important features to look out for include a motor and other items that ensure the services they provide are of exceptional quality. At Autogate Pool Pumps, we stock two types of pool pumps, there is the ground and in ground models. The type does not matter a great deal, but all one needs to ensure is that the design one with the capacity to stand even the toughest of the installations. Should you choose the ground pool pump, take into consideration, which the ground size should on consideration of the area it will be used in. It is advisable that one uses a horse power that is not extremely wide in terms of circumference. We mostly sell and install the ground models, because of the many benefits they come along with, in terms of cost and maintenance. They are convenient to use because they can be placed in any location and moving them around is also easy. This therefore, comes as the best choice for users who have the tendency of moving. A tank that is beyond twenty four feet requires one to use equipment with a horse power of not more than one and a half feet.  Should you decide to go for a small pool pump. It will be reduced quality of your water and pool safety. On the other hand, the pump uses a huge waste of energy and initial costs much more. Should want to save money and energy, you can also use the controller of your water pump throughout the off peak time by putting off your pump. If you do not have a digital controller, you can set up a timer to regulate the use of the pump. In addition to these benefits, installing a pool pump digital controller could save you lots of money.

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How to Install Garage Door Cable

How to Install Garage Door Cable

I want to do this! What’s This? ..
The garage door on your home opens and
closes many times a day. A common problem
with a garage door is a broken cable or
misaligned cable on the cable drum. Never
attempt to repair or adjust the springs
without the proper tool (let the
professional do this type of service
repair). In this article you will learn
how to install a new cable for your
garage door.
.Difficulty: Challenging
Instructions.Things You’ll Need:
2 Vice Grips
3 Inch Wrench
New Cable
Step Ladder
Safety Goggles
1First, if your cable is off on one side you must be careful because all the spring torque has transferred to the opposite side of the torsion spring assembly. This commonly results with the door lifting from the ground and wanting to be crooked within the tracks.
2Step on the high (lifted) side of the door with foot and push down, applying pressure to move door down to a level position. Secure door down with two vice grips to level the door.
3Remove damaged cable and it will need to be replaced if frayed or kinked. You should never reinstall a cable because they will continue to spool off. Replacement parts are available at your local door dealer, such as Overdoors of Illinois.
4Attach new cable to bottom bracket, run the cable behind the hinge, up to the cable drum. Loosen the set screws on the cable drum and run the cable into the drum to match the opposite side, tighten the set screws.
5Raise and lower the door to make sure the door is tracking evenly and resting flat to the floor.
6Minor adjustments to one or both cables may be necessary to ensure proper operation.


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