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 A Gate’s mass could be irrelevant as the required pull force. A Gate that requires a lot of force to pull by hand needs to be serviced as the gate wheel’s or called rollers might be badly worn or rusted. Most of the time when we receive gate/garage door call outs, is because of gate itself, but the home owner would not have the slightest clue and probably think it is the gate motor. Always check your gates railings, gate wheels before you call for help, as soil or obstacles might have fallen onto the gates track causing collision. Also check the gate’s guide wheals for wear and tear and replace if jammed or disfigured. Gate’s in general is very safe to use, gate stoppers absolutely needs to be fitted to any sliding gate – prevents gate from sliding off the track in a malfunction.

Centurion D2 with battery backup
is recommended for small sliding gates less than 3 meters long.
The ideal environment is for domestic applications.
Centurion D5Evo with battery backup is recommended for longer and heavier gates but less than 500Kg in weight.
The Centurion D5Evo motor is designed for heavy duty operations such as small complex units or small business entrances
Centurion A10 is designed for complex gates and where heavy duty traffic access is required – gates smaller than 1000Kg
The Centurion A10 standard gate motor comes without battery backup and with a simple inverter it can be configured to make use of a battery backup.

Sensitive anti-crushing for increased safety
Proven surge and lightning protection
Manual release – with lockable access door for greater security
Battery backup – using safe low voltage battery driven DC motor
Fast operating speed – offers greater security and convenience with smooth acceleration and deceleration
Multiple programmable features to suit a wide variety of application
Light pillar relay output for switching 220volt lights
Safety beam input
Holiday function via key switch input
Exit loop connection
Any component or part can be replaced if not repairable

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