Installing a gate



The reasons are for security, and to beautify your home. There are a variety of gates to choose from for your property. But what you need to get right before buying and installing a gate is the size and the weight of the gate. Put also into consideration the more effect it will have on the type of gate motor you will have to install as well.

You should be able to decide on whether you want a sliding or swing gat. A sliding gate will move across back and forth when opening. A sliding gate requires strong sliding wheels which will allow your gate to handle the strain and weight of the gate. When it comes to a swing gate, this one opens and closes more like our very own doors in our homes.  Material is another factor, to choose from, there is the popular ones, the wood range, and the galvanized steel. I would recommend you get a gate motor with your gate. With the gate motor, make sure you get sensors installed as well, to prevent any accidents for your car and your pedestrians. Nowadays gate motors come with battery back for power failures or low shedding.

Unlike the homes overseas some of their homes do not have boundary walls or gates, and it looks very beautiful but in our current situation we live in, having a gate installed is the best way to go and keeps record of traffic incoming and outgoing. It also keeps your family and work staff safe. Should you have a burglary, and the burglars are still in the premises, you can simply lock off your gate in order for them to escape unlike places that do not have gates, escape for thieves is very easy.

Kobus Labuschagne
Kobus Labuschagne is the owner of and provides quality gate motor information to consumers in South Africa

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