Security Folding Gates

Security folding gates



What are folding security gates? They are made up of two layers of thin, flat bars, which fall onto each other in a crosshatch pattern. When the barrier is extended, the bars open to form an open diamond-patterned chain. The bars are attached to vertical posts at the sides, which can be connected to brackets for stationary use.  Many shops and stores use folding security gates to provide an additional deterrent to theft or forced entry, because the flat bars are harder to break through than simple chains or locks. These are gates used to secure entry into premises. They are ideal for child safety. These gates can be either permanently anchored to a stationary surface or temporarily attached. Security gates are convenient as they have the freedom of mobility and can be moved easily during opening and closing. The gates do not take additional space as they collapse themselves during operation. Security gates come in different wide range of models, with varying heights, strengths, designs, and purposes. All folding security are manufactured in either single or double form. The single gates are secured to one side of the door frame and the double gates are generally slightly more rigid, and possess two fences that meet in the middle with two supportive vertical bars that can be locked together.

Depending on the place you want to install your gate, as they vary in height, strength and design, the choice is yours and there is a wide range to choose from before installation. Did you know there are now the modern security gates that are portable? They do not permanently attach to any stationary surface; instead they offer a temporary, movable barrier mounted on vertical poles with bases attached to wheels.

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